JUNGLE HEART - for flute and percussion duo
*Written in the Spring of 1998 for James Galway and the Safri Duo
*Commissioned and financially supported by the Safri Duo.
*First live performance: 29-1-2000 at Danish Radio in Copenhagen followed by an American tour.
Jungle Heart was inspired by the dense tree canopy of the tropical rain forest,with its fantastic variety of birds.The music is quite colorful and virtuoso, alsoquite accessible, with quasi ethno- musical patterns that remind one of remote exotic places...
*Duration: appr.13í
The flute needs amplification.
Percussion 1:vibes,marimba,cymbals,hi hat,snare drum, small percussion Percussion 2: marimba,bass drum,2 toms, small percussion

published by: MGN/ DONEMUS Amsterdam + AMAZING MUSIC WORLD

LIPSTICK - for flute and tape
*Written autumn 1998 for Eleonore Pameijer *Commissioned by the Dutch Fund for the Creation of Music
First performances in 1999 during a Dutch tour.
*Duration: 9í40íí
The music was inspired by hoop-sculptures of Naom Ben-Jakov.
Their visual element of rhythmical repetition has been translated into musical echoes.The tape is based on ready made voice samples that deal with human relations.These voice samples come from American talkshows (Jerry Springer,Oprah Winfrey) and from one of the last interviews with Billy Holiday. In that interview Billy is asked to recite her favourite song ëDonít explainí:

Skip that lipstick
And I know you cheat
And what love endures

Another important voice sample is the word ëhoopsí, spoken by a female psychiatrist with a strong French accent.(ìYou are jumping all those hoopsî.)The many meanings of the word hoop or whoop all refer to the sculptures by Ben-Jakov as well as to the voice samples .
To perform LIPSTICK you can simply play along with a ghettoblaster, containing the tape on cd. But you may even use a PA system, and amplify the flute as well, in order to bring flute and tape together.
This score comes with a cd containing 3 versions of Lipstick:
1. A midi version of flute part & tape together.
2. A click track version of the tape only, for practicing.
3. A concert version of ëtapeí only.

published by: MGN/ DONEMUS Amsterdam
recorded on CD:
Jacob ter Veldhuis - Heartbreakers
Emergo Classics 3920-2
Eleonore Pameijer - Images NM Classics 92122